New attitudes create new life.

My name is Dr. Mary Goebel. I am a licensed clinical psychologist with offices in Naperville, Illinois. For over 25 years, I have offered treatment based upon the principles of Adlerian psychology, which holds that people are social beings who wish to move toward relationships that are based on mutual respect and equality.

Obstacles to growth

As human beings, we all seek to achieve belonging and significance for ourselves. We feel most content in relationships that offer respect and cooperation. Adlerian psychotherapy focuses on identifying the obstacles that occur as a result of mistaken ideas and attitudes that interfere with an individual moving forward in creating a better life. Therapy involves assessment and reconsideration of those mistaken ideas and attitudes.

Tools for positive change

Therapy also offers tools to improve oneself and one’s relationships by learning to practice skills such as encouragement, communication, empathy, collaborative problem solving, and mutual agreement making. Learning how and when to employ them is useful to both adults and children.

What to expect during therapy

I recognize that individuals often come to treatment at a painful or difficult point in their life. My goal is to create an atmosphere of dignity and respect where, with encouragement and support, they can identify the obstacles they face, address problems, and begin to formulate a plan to change what can be changed.